Teleparallel Gravity Workshop in Tartu


The idea of our workshop is to create a stimulating environment for discussing recent development in the field and creating new research connections. The program is divided into thematic sessions combined with coffee and refreshments. Each session will have 2-3 talks lasting between 30 and 45 minutes followed by discussion. On Friday we expect people to form small groups and discuss ideas they found interesting during previous days.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:15–12:15 Fundamental Aspects
Golovnev, Krššák, Järv
Chair: Hohmann
Gravitational Waves
Capozziello, Ualikhanova, Saridakis
Chair: Blixt
Modified Theories
Hohmann, Pallikaris, Bahamonde
Chair: Krššák
Hamiltonian Formalism
Guzmán, Blixt
Chair: Pfeifer
Group Work and Discussions
Lunch Break
14:00–17:00 Symmetric Teleparallelism
Vilson, Saal
Chair: Järv
Toporensky, Skugoreva, Bajardi, Hohmann
Chair: Saal
Excursion and BBQ Modified Theories
Pfeifer, Dialektopoulos, Finch
Chair: Ualikhanova
Group Work and Discussions
18:00–19:00 Public Lecture
19:00– Dinner Dinner Dinner

List of Contributions

The list of all talks presented at our workshop

Fundamental Aspects
Alexey Golovnev The drama of f (T ): personal evaluations and assessments
Martin Krššák Equivalence principle and the role of inertia in teleparallel gravity
Laur Järv Covariant formulation of scalar-torsion gravity
Symmetric Teleparallelism
Ott Vilson Symmetric teleparallel equivalent of general relativity and extensions: an introduction
Margus Saal STEGR: applications
Gravitational Waves
Emmanuel Saridakis Gravitational waves in torsional modified gravities after GW170817 and GRB170817A
Salvatore Capozziello Gravitational waves in modified teleparallel gravity
Ulbossyn Ualikhanova Gravitational waves in the most general teleparallel theories
Aleksey Toporensky On Kasner solution in Bianchi I f (T ) cosmology
Maria Skugoreva Cosmological dynamics in teleparallel gravity with nonminimal coupling
Francesco Bajardi Noether symmetry approach in teleparallel gravity
Manuel Hohmann “Cosmological” tetrads and spin connections in teleparallel gravity
Modified Teleparallel Theories I
Manuel Hohmann Generalized scalar-torsion theories of gravity
Konstantinos Pallikaris Towards a generalized modification of teleparallel gravity: the Lovelock paradigm
Sebastian Bahamonde Generalised teleparallel quintom dark energy non-minimally coupled with the scalar torsion and a boundary term
Hamiltonian Formulation of Teleparallel Theories
Daniel Blixt Hamiltonian analysis in New General Relativity
Maria Jose Guzmán Hamiltonian formalism and degrees of freedom for modified teleparallel gravity
Modified Teleparallel Theories II
Kostas Dialektopoulos Classifying Horndeski cosmology by Noether Symmetries
Christian Pfeifer Teleparallel theories of gravity in analogy to (non-linear) theories of electrodynamics
Andrew Finch Galactic Rotation Dynamics in f(T) gravity