Ilmar Ots, Ph.D.


Research interests
High energy physics: higher spin physics in the Standard Model and beyond, anomalous gauge boson self-couplings
Lecture courses
Relativistic Particle Physics (ÕIS code FKTF.04.032) spring 1999
Gauge theory of interactions of elementary particles (ÕIS code FKTF.04.040) autumn 1996, spring 2001
Elementary Particle Physics (ÕIS code FKTF.04.013) spring 2005
Supervised students (since 1990)
Riho Vili (B.Sc. 1992, M.Sc.1993)
Leo Saks (B.Sc. 1995)
Hannes Liivat (B.Sc. 1996, M.Sc. 1998, Ph.D. student 1998-2004)
Tiit Sepp (B.Sc. 2007)