Hannes Liivat, Ph.D.

Sneior research fellow

Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
Institute of Physics
Riia 142
EE-51014 Tartu

Phone: +372 737 4722
Fax: +372 738 3033
E-mail: liivat@hexagon.fi.tartu.ee


Research interests
High energy physics: electroweak phenomenology
Lecture courses
Elementary Particle Physics (ÕIS code FKTF.04.024) spring 2001
Statistical Physics and Kinetics (ÕIS code LOFY.04.008) spring 2011, spring 2012, spring 2013
Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (ÕIS code FKTF.01.028, LOFY.04.004) spring 2010, spring 2011, spring 2012, spring 2013