Laur Järv, Ph.D.

Senior research fellow

Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
Institute of Physics
Riia 142
EE-51014 Tartu

Phone: +372 53416324
Fax: +372 7383033


Research interests
Theories of gravity, cosmology, black holes, exotic solutions in GR, string theory
Lecture courses
Classical Field Theory (ÕIS code LOFY.04.061) fall 2010, fall 2012
Introduction to String Theory (ÕIS code FKTF.04.042) fall 2006, spring 2011
Introduction to String Theory II (ÕIS code FKTF.00.002) spring 2007
Microscopic Electrodynamics (ÕIS code LOFY.04.040) fall 2009, fall 2010, spring 2011, spring 2012, spring 2013
Nonlinear dynamics (ÕIS code LOFY.04.070) spring 2013
Selected topics in the theories of gravity (ÕIS code FKTF.00.006, LOFY.04.017) spring 2008, spring 2010, spring 2012
Theoretical physics seminar (ÕIS code LOFY.04.045/LOFY.04.066) since spring 2011
Supervised students
Erik Randla (B.Sc. 2007, M.Sc. 2010)